‘Catching the Light Long Compton’

Copper etching on Hahnmuhle, image 30cm x 40cm, Limited Edition of 5, Framed 48cm x 58cm

Fourth in the ‘Catching the Light…’ series, first exhibited at the ‘SIX’ Exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight Jan 8th – March 5th 2022.

från farrar, long compton, etching, printmaking
Catching the Light Long Compton

Long Compton is near where a branch of my ancestors are from and I had not visited the related villages and hamlets that sit within my family tree. The light ‘caught’ here spoke of ancestry and longevity, of history and place. The dominant white square or window suggests a portal to the past. A window from my own life and childhood memories to that of my past family, little known to me in reality yet who experienced the same light in the same place.

Fran Farrar, etching, printmaking

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