‘Catching the Light Hereford’

Copper etching on Hahnmuhle, image 30cm x 40cm, Limited Edition of 5, Framed 48cm x 58cm

från farrar, nappa mundi, hereford, printmaking, etching
Catching the Light Hereford

The third in the ‘Catching the Light…’ series finds me in Hereford whilst making a visit to see the glorious Mappa Mundi at Hereford Cathedral. Since a small child I have been fascinated by maps and as one of the largest medieval maps in the world, the Mappa Mundi from around 1300 holds particular significance. The folds of a fabric window blind at our hotel captured a moment of light that I had to ‘catch’, the same light that shone around the Mappa Mundi, the same light that had been present when it was first being crafted.

fran farrar, printmaking, etching, exhibition

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