‘Catching the Light Farringdon’

Copper etching on Hahnmuhle, image 30cm x 40cm, Limited Edition of 5, Framed 48cm x 58cm

This is the second of the ‘Catching the Light…’ series, first exhibited at the ‘SIX’ Exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight Jan 8th – March 5th 2022 (see the first in the series for images of the full series as hung)

This more complex, geometric work comments on the large scale architecture of London (and other big cities). Although the light can be found bouncing across surfaces and structures it is the same light also found in all environments – the light that looks to be captured in my childlike delight.

Fran Farrar, farringdon, printmaking, etching, contemporary art
Catching the Light Farringdon

från farrar, etching, printmaking

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