“Catching the Light Cowes I”

Copper etching on Hahnmuhle, image 30cm x 40cm, Limited Edition of 5, Framed 48cm x 58cm

This is the first in the “Catching the Light…” series, each of which is a very limited edition of five prints on Hahnemuhle paper.

“The series of etchings, ‘Catching the Light’ explore a childhood simplicity and innocent notion that light can be captured within ones fingers. The unchanging, continuous light creeps into rooms and vistas just as it did when we were children, yet as adults we can forget to embrace the intrigue and fascination of such simple, naïve actions as trying to catch it. Through the chaos of the modern adult world, we get to glimpse a forgotten reflection of our younger innocent self. Each ‘capture’ is taken from a different location, it’s individual character identified from drawings and paintings made in situ and repeatedly reworked until procedurally brought to a defining moment on the copper plate.” (Artist Statement)

Fran Farrar, copper etching, printmaking, printmaker, art exhibition, abstract printmaking
Catching the Light Cowes I – Fran Farrar

First exhibited at the ‘SIX’ Exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight Jan 8th – March 5th 2022

All work for sale, please DM

Fran Farrar, printmaker, printmaking, etching, copper etching, art exhibition
Catching the Light Series, Quay Arts – Fran Farrar

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