‘Catching the Light Cowes II’

Copper etching on Hahnmuhle, image 30cm x 40cm, Limited Edition of 5, Framed 48cm x 58cm

This is the fifth and final in the current series of ‘Catching the Light…’ series of etchings. I have returned to the preoccupation of the door left open, left ajar to allow light to enter. The theme of safety and nurturing that stems from childhood experiences when a light would be left on outside the bedroom to help me sleep. So many people have this memory of reassurance and calm, and that same light can still be left on, still be present whenever we want it to be. Capturing the light that makes us feel secure and it is the same light.

fran farrar, etching, printmaking

First exhibited at the ‘SIX’ Exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight Jan 8th – March 5th 2022.

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