“The Wind is in from Africa”

2021 saw Joni Mitchells album “Blue” celebrate 50 years since release. Joni Mitchell has been an intrinsic part of my life since teenage years and to hear her music still being played, and in particular being played frequently to mark the anniversary of “Blue” was an absolute delight. I generally listen to the Radio whilst working in the studio and to have Joni popping up on all stations was inspirational. “The Wind is in from Africa” is a lyric line from the album and I found myself tracing the same lines over and over in the sketchbook.

This finally led to the etching on a 30cm x 20cm copper plate, limited edition of 9. Texture and light; surface and depth.

Update – This print forms part of the ‘SIX’ Exhibition, Quay Arts Gallery, Newport, Isle of Wight. 8th Jan – 5th March 2022

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