“The Pond at Dinton (after Heneage)”

Copper etching on Fabriano

Image 19.5cm x 30cm

Edition of 6

“The Pond at Dinton…” has come about following a string of ongoing sketches taken from the concept of a formal family portrait based in a known garden setting with a large garden pond and weeping willow. Whilst the sketches have progressed over months, I have always had the images of Gainsborough’s formal portraits in my mind, in particular “Mr and Mrs Andrews” of c.1750 now in The National Gallery. The young couple sit to one side of the painting so that the majesty of their estate can be fully shown behind them provides a memorable division of portrait and landscape. They are very much relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings.

When exploring Gainsborough’s portraits I was reminded of the painting “Heneage Lloyd and his sister, Lucy”, also painted c.1750 and now in the Fitzwilliam Gallery in Cambridge. Whilst the pond is on the right hand side of the painting, I recognised that there was a similarity to the layout of my Dinton sketches. Hence the reference in the title of my etching.

fran farrar, printmaker, printmaking, copper etching, etching

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