“In These Unprecedented Times”

Copper etching – four plates

Paper 33cm x 45cm (Fabriano)

Edition of 6

In These Unprecedented Times, copper etching

This print is a response to the COVID19 crisis and somewhat of a departure from my usual work. Throughout the COVID pandemic the phrase “in these unprecedented times’ was frequently used, especially by politicians and senior scientists during the daily briefings. This work reflects the anguish, loneliness and loss that many have felt during this time. Yet it aims to also offer a calmness and solace through the collective experiences of people across the world. The mundane chores of life and work continue whilst the haunting presence of the virus stands by, waiting. The two smaller plates show an open door symbolising hope and comfort.

copper etching, fran farrar, printmaking, printmaker, artist
från farrar, printmaking, printmaker, copper etching
Copper etching, four plates detail of talk element

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